Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to register my interest in buying or selling on the Let’s Do A Deal website?

No. It is free to register your interest in buying and/or selling.

What information do I need to supply to be able to register?

Just a basic description of the property you are looking to buy/sell ie number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car accommodation, the suburb you are looking to buy/sell in, your price range for buying/selling and some very basic contact information for you ie contact phone number and email address. There is no need to include your property address if selling this is for you to disclose directly with the buyer/s should you choose.

Who sees my information?

As a buyer- the only person who sees your details is a suitability registered seller.

As a seller- nobody sees your details unless you choose to share them with a registered buyer/s

Does any of my information go public?

No. Not at any time.

Does any of my information go to real estate agents?


Can I update/change my details/criteria at any time?

Yes. Once registered you will receive a unique login password. You can access your details at any time.

Can I de-register at any time?

Yes. Simply by logging in with your unique password you have total control over your, let's call it an account.

What happens once I register?

As a buyer- Wait for a seller whose property meets your requirements to contact you.

As a seller- If there are suitably registered buyers whose criteria meets your criteria, you will have the opportunity to contact them direct. If there are no suitable buyers registered at that specific point in time, as soon as a buyer registers, you will immediately be advised via email.

Am I obliged to sell?

No. The only time you are committed to sell is when you sign the legal documents with your legal representative.

Am I obliged to buy?

No. The only time you are committed to buy is when you sign the legal documents with your legal representative.

Can someone assist me through the selling/buying process?

Yes. The “My Resources” area on our website will list available services appropriate to your specific location to help you through the entire buying or selling process.

I’ve just registered as a Buyer but meant to register as a Seller!

That’s an easy fix. Once you have activated your account simply log in to your account using your unique password, delete yourself, then return to the home page of the website and register again as a seller.

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